Get Vietnam visa online to travel to South Vietnam

Get Vietnam visa online to travel to South Vietnam

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To make you travel complete – experience special cuisine of Vietnam, don’t forget to apply for Vietnam visa online beforehand.

Get Vietnam visa online to travel to South Vietnam

How to apply for Vietnam visa online

Get Vietnam visa online to travel to South Vietnam

Vietnam visa is a compulsory travel document for foreigners who wish to have a trip in our beautiful country. If you are finding for a perfect solution then you should not miss applying for Vietnam visa online:

  • Low fee, fast processing time, simple procedure.
  • No documents required, no fail.
  • The best comfortable airport extra services are available.
  • No need to put your finger on the job.

All you need to do are: Filling the application form with your passport information and visa request, making the payment online, getting visa approval letter and having your passport stamped at the arrival airport.

Visa Vietnam – the best choice for your itinerary.

Let’s experience one of the most special dishes of Vietnam – Đuông Dừa (coconut larve) once reaching

“Đuông dừa” (Coconut larvae) is a famous specialty in Vietnam. However, it's been prohibited because of its harm to the biological environment. Yet, for those who had tried this dish, it is known to intimidate many Vietnamese and foreign tourists alike, due to its frightening first impression.

Đuông dừa looks like a young worm with a flexible milky-white body. They are the larval form of a small selection of beetle species. After their breeding season, they choose a healthy coconut tree to drill a hole at the treetop and lay eggs into. After being hatched, the larvae grow by eating the nutrients of the tree until eventually, they drill a hole through it. When prepared, Đuông dừa is very tasty and is known to be the one and only specialty of the coconut area in the Mekong Delta.

Đuông Dừa

A popular dish featuring đuông dừa is raw đuông dừa with salty fish sauce. Living đuông dừa that is still moving in the bowl of spicy fish sauce is directly eaten in the mouth. The flavor is rich and greasy and many people compare to a slowly dissolving egg yolk.


In Trà Vinh, a type of đuông dừa called đuông chà là is especially popular and tasty.  These larvae live in the date palm. There is only one grown-up đuông dừa in each date palm. When eaten, Đuông chà là tastes very rich, fatty and can be deep fried or roasted.



Việt Nam to work with Czech Republic to address visa-related issue: Foreign ministry spokesperson

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam is willing to work with the Czech Republic to address difficulties in granting long-term visas for Vietnamese nationals to work in the European country, said spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lê Thị Thu Hằng

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Tourism advisor calls for renewing visa exemptions

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Tourism advisor calls for renewing visa exemptions

The LEADERAs the visa waiver program for five European countries is to come to an end on June 30 this year, Vice President of Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board Kenneth Atkinson talks to the leader on whether this scheme will be extended.

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Vietnam, Liberia sign visa exemption agreement

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Vietnam, Liberia sign visa exemption agreement

Vietnam and Liberia have signed an agreement on visa exemption for diplomatic and official passport holders, the first one in relations between the two nations.

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Vietnam extends visa exemption for Europeans for another three years

Visitors from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom will continue to receive visa exemptions for the next three years in Vietnam, officials said at a government press conference on Thursday.

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